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Water meter sensus 1 inch

SIZE 25 mm
Starting Flowrate 35 I/h
Min.Flowrate ±5%  70 I/h
Trans.Flowrate ±2%  280 I/h
Lowest Resolution 0.05I
Pressure Loss At 0.8bar
Working Pressure  16bar
Weight 2.3kg


water meter sensus 1 inch
water meter sensus 1 inch

water meter sensus 1 inch

SENSUS water meter bersih high quality flow meters since  in the WATER measurement fi eld. Our fl owmeters are used in a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as for transactions for kerosene, light oil and heavy oil. We have been serving numerous customers with accurate, compact, and excellent durability fl owmeters.

Features :

● High accuracy Accuracy is within ±0.2%  Fluid is directly measured by turbin , enabling accurate measuring.

● Compact design The flowmeter is compactly designed, yet the indicator is easy to read.

Excellent durability Simple structure enables long term durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy.

water meter sensus 1 inch

  • Suitable for small volume fl ow between
  • Employs gear-type rotors made of resin
  • ‐ Easy Installation and Maintenance
    ‐ Dry Dial, Magnetic Drive
    ‐ High Bypass and Very Low Head Loss
    ‐ Glass Vacuum Sealed Register -Free
    from Condesation and clear for long term
    ‐ Working Temperature 0.10C – 500C for
    Cold and 0.10C – 900C for Hotwater
    ‐ Max Pressure: 16 Bar
    ‐ Maximum Error : +/- 2%
    ‐ Selected High Quality Materials
    ‐ Iso 4064

water meter sensus 1 inch

sensus ukuran 1,2,3,4 inch dengan Adjuster untuk aplikasi WATER,  flow meter digunakan untuk mengukur volume air yang akan digunakan.berbagai macam merek flow meter yang sering kita jumpai, seperti flow meter AMICO, flow meter SENSUS, Flow meter Avery Hardoll, dan masih banyak lainnya.salah satu flow meter dengan akurasi yang bagus adalah merk Sensus, flow meter sensus kami jual dan berbagai ukuran tergantung kebutuhan anda.
Flow meter Minyak Merk Sensus adalah salah satu flow meter Air limbah yang berfungsi untuk mengetahui penggunaan air atau seberapa liter atau meter kubik air yang telah melewati alat ini.Flow meter air Merk sensus sangat banyak digunakan di pabrik, perusahaan industri, Pertamina, PLN, baik perusahaan lainnya yang menggunakan air sebagai salah satu media yang dibutuhkan.

Data Sheet :

Size Diameter                                          : 1 Inch
for cold water up to 50 º C
Body cast iron
Measuring element : plastic
Rotor : plastic
Performance data 405 S 50 ° C
Nominal Diameter : DN 25
Size of meter ( acc. to EEC) Qn : 250
( Qmax) maximum peak flow : 1200 m3/ h
once in life time 24 h ( Qmax)
or 5 min. 1, 2 x ( Qmax) ( ± 2% )
( Qn) continuous flow ( ± 2% ) : 800 m3/ h
( Qt) transitional flow ( ± 2% ) : 6.0 m3/ h
( Qmin) minimum flow ( ± 5% ) : 4.0 m3/ h
Starting flow : 1.5 m3/ h

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