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Amico merupakan Alat untuk mengukur banyaknya aliran air secara terus menerus melalui sistem kerja peralatan
yang  dilengkapi  dengan  unit  sensor,  unit  penghitung,  dan  unit  indikator  pengukur  untuk
menyatakan volume air yang lewat.Cv Bunga Toba menyediakan meteran air berbagai merk dan ukuran seperti meter sensus, itron, BR, Westechaus, Actaris, SHM, Onda, dan juga lainnya.

The basis of good flow meter selection is a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application. Therefore, time should be invested in fully evaluating the nature of the process fluid and of the overall installation.

First Steps to Choose the Right Flow Meter
The first step in flow sensor selection is to determine if the flowrate information should be continuous or totalized, and whether this information is needed locally or remotely. If remotely, should the transmission be analog, digital, or shared? And, if shared, what is the required (minimum) data-update frequency? Once these questions are answered, an evaluation of the properties and flow characteristics of the process fluid, and of the piping that will accommodate the flow meter, should take place.

RTD Probe
Fluid and flow characteristics
The fluid and its given and its pressure, temperature, allowable pressure drop, density (or specific gravity), conductivity, viscosity (Newtonian or not?) and vapor pressure at maximum operating temperature are listed, together with an indication of how these properties might vary or interact. In addition, all safety or toxicity information should be provided, together with detailed data on the fluid’s composition, presence of bubbles, solids (abrasive or soft, size of particles, fibers), tendency to coat, and light transmission qualities (opaque, translucent or transparent?).

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