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Flow meter Powogas 2 inch

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Flow meter Powogas 2 inch
Flow meter Powogas 2 inch

Flow meter Powogas 2 inch

Cold Water
– Flanged PN16
– Working temperature – 50°C
– Working Pressure / 16bar
– Accuracy – Qmax +/-2% / Qt-Qmin +/-5%


– possibility of mounting on horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines with counter set upwards, sidewards or in medium position H-V
– wide measurement range and low starting flow rate,
– Cold Water up to 50 C
– Hot Water up to 130 C
– rotor axle parallel to pipe axies,
– roller-pointer counter housed in airtight casing,
– easy read-out due to a freely adjustable rotary counter dial,
– magnetic clutch,
– removable measuring insert in covered casing,
– possibility of remote counting of water volume and flow rate (data according to a separate card),
– possibility of electronic check-up,
– conformity with the standards ISO4064, BS5728, ISO/DIS-10385.
– For measuring the flow and volume of the cold water with a temperature to 30°C or hot water with a temperature to 130°C in the closed-circuit systems with the full flow of the flux with maximum working pressure up to 16 Bar (PN16) with flange drilling option up to PN25 (2.5 MPa).
– Suitable for installation in horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines with the counter directed upwards or sidewards in the transitional positions (H-V) in the multi-family houses and manufacturing plants.

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