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Flow meter OGM 40E

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Flow meter OGM 40E

Oval Gear Flow Meter- OGM Machinary Meterr/OGM Electric Meter

OMG fuel flowmeter has the ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with exceptional levels of repeatability and durablity,it is widely used in the petroleum,chemiacal,food industry,etc.Various displays to meet different requirments,it can indicate amount,volume,unit price,and so on.

Characteristics: OGM series Aluminum Oval Gear Meter can handle a wide range of viscous fluids with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability.It has mechanical display and electronic display for option.

OGM Electric Meter

The OGM oval gear flow meter designed of the product control panel, with a full-featured, simple structure, convenient operation. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, food to be industrial and commercial. Screen digital LCD monitor, the screen is divided into three rows: the top row as significant units of measurement, the middle row was deemed current measurement data, the next line as significant single cumulative data.

OGM Machinary Meter

Oval gear flowmeter are displacement-type volume meters that transport defined incremental volumes in individual measuring chambers. The measuring element consists of two high precision toothed oval gears, which are driven by the flow of the medium and mesh with each other. In this way, a defined volume is transported for each rotation of the pair of oval gears. The number of rotations is a measure of the amount of fluid that has passed through the meter. The rotations are detected by a sensor element.

The Set Up Principle:

1) ogm digital flow meter installed in the oil port side of the pump, if installed in the oil inlet filter pressure damage, so that the negative pressure pump increases, the flowmeter is not accurate, the pump import and export also require completely sealed, otherwise it would not be accurate flowmeter.
2) At the front end of the meter should be installed filters, not greater than 0.2MM of particles through, in order to prevent the meter because the particles do not go face stuck or blocked. Filters should be cleaned regularly.
3) The flow rate should be properly installed, the meter was up screen should be 90 degrees or installation, you can not install diagonally.
4) The ogm oval gear flow meter and the pressure loss is proportional to the viscosity of the liquid increases, the pressure loss is also increased.


-Compact size, easy maintenance
-Easy to read and operate mechanical display and LCD display.
-Horizontally and vertically flexibility of installation options
-.ow pressure drop


-Measurement range widely,accuracy highly,reach 0.5%
-Simple structure, small pressure loss and strong viscosityMeasure

-high temperature and high viscosity liquid

-Easy installation, horizontal or vertical installation

-Liters, kilograms, cubic, gallons can be converted



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