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Flow meter Flo Rite FR 2260 AC/K

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Flow meter Flo Rite FR 2260 AC K

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Flow meter Flo Rite FR 2260 AC K
Flow meter Flo Rite FR 2260 AC K

Flow meter Flo Rite FR 2260 AC K

Spesifikasi :

Flow Rite 15 LPM/60GPM
Voltege 230V/50HZ
Duty Cycle 30Min
Flow meter 800L
Model Pump FR 2272
Nozzle Manual
Selang Hisap 2Meter
Size 1”(25mm)


Model : FR-2440 DC/K
Pump rate :10/40 ( GPM/LPM )
Voltage : 24 V
Model of Pump : FR-2440C
Meter : 800L
Model of Nozzel : Manual

* Cast iron pump body finished with anti corrosion paint.
* Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes.
* BY-Pass valve incorporated in the pump body.
* Direct current brush motor with permanent stator.
* Motor protection grade IP55.
* Used in intermittent service with 30-minute work cyles.



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