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Flow meter Fill rite 900C

Flow meter solar 1 1/2 inch

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Flow meter fill rite series 900C
Flow meter fill rite series 900C

Flow meter fill rite series 900C

Flow meter Fill Rite
Tipe                                  : series 900 c
Description                     : 4 Digit
Flow Rate (GPM/LPM) : 6-40 / 23-151
mAX pRESURE ( psi/bar) : 50/ 35
inlet/ outlet                            : 1,5 inchi
compatible Fluid                   : Gasoline, Disel, B2O,e15,kerosen

Digital Liquid Meter
Series 900DP – High Flow
Models with Intrinsically Safe Barrier:
900CDP, 900CDP1.5, 900CDPBSPT, 900CDP1.5BPST
Models without Intrinsically Safe Barrier
900CDPX, 900CDPX1.5, 900CDPXBSPT, 900CDPX1.5BSPT

Meter Calibration
Meter calibration is required upon installation, after disassembly, after significant wear,
or when dispensing a different viscosity fluid. Calibration must be done between 6 and
40 GPM (23 and 151 LPM). Meter calibration can be easily changed by following the
calibration procedure. A container of KNOWN volume will be needed for the calibration
procedure. For the 900 series digital meter, a five gallon container or larger (or a 20 liter
container or larger) should be used.
Procedure for Meter Calibration
Unit of measure and calibration is configured using a 3-step process.
1. Select the desired unit of measure
2. Fill a container with a known volume using the desired fluid.
3. Enter the amount of fluid dispensed.
Prior to calibration, the unit must be placed in calibration mode. Press and hold the TOTAL
and CAL buttons for 5 seconds to enter Calibration Mod



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