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Flow meter liquid control

Merk: Liquid control LC

Tipe: Flow meter digital ( lc m5, lc m7, lc m10, lc m15,lc m25, lc m30

LC M40, LC M60, LC M80

Komplit: meter counter, air eliminator, strainer

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flow meter digital liquid control

flow meter digital liquid control
flow meter digital liquid control

MSeries meters flow meter liquid control digital
Available in aluminum-body construction with working pressures to
150 psi and nominal flow rates to 1000 gpm for bulk metering
applications. The choice of connections and compact construction
features maximize the simplicity of the installation. Available with
mechanical or electronic registration.

flow meter digital liquid control

Terminal Loading/Unloading
• Truck
• Railcar
• Barge
• Ship
Bulk Plant
Crude Petroleum Processing
• Wellhead
• Refinery
Prover Systems
• Volumetric Provers
• Master Meters

The Liquid Controls Group delivers world-class flow measurement systems with both positive displacement and
turbine meter technologies for bulk product and terminal metering applications. Weights & Measures approved
Turbine Meters and M Series and MS Series PD meters provide an accurate and cost-effective method for custodytransfer
loading and unloading of transports, tankers, railcars, ships, barges and more.

Capacity (maximum
nominal flow rate)
60 to 1000 GPM
227 to 3,785 L/min
Working pressure rating
150 PSI and 275 PSI
10.5 BAR and 19 BAR
1½”, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ NPT, BSPT
or slip weld companion
flanges. Optional RF or

Liquid Controls M and MA Series rotary motion positive displacement
(PD) meters offer the ultimate in measurement accuracy for custody transfer of petroleum products,
aviation fuels, LPG and a broad of industrial liquids.
Superior performance features Low pressure drop – will operate on gravity flow or pump pressure.
Sustained accuracy – no metal-to-metal contact inside
the measuring chamber means minimal wear and deterioration in accuracy over time,
fewer recalibrations and a longer service life. Meters conform to NIST and International
Weight and Measures accuracy requirements.

Wide viscosity range – LCE meters can accurately
meter products from less than 30 SSU (1 cP) to 1500000 SSU (325000 cP).
Maximum adaptability – choice of stock or custom elbows/fittings provides
unequaled mounting flexibility to meet widely varying installation requirements.

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